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AltGr not working

Sigmund Aas

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Sigmund Aas
I'm on a Norwegian keyboard where the keystroke for @ is AltGr 2. This doesn't work on my client machine. I just get the number 2. Ctrl-Alt-Delete doesn't work either, although Ctrl, Alt, and Delete perform their respective functions. The client is on Windows 7 and host machine is Linux Mint. Synergy 1.7.6 runs on both, and both are set up with a Norwegian keyboard. Ctrl-Alt 2 gives @ on the host machine as a workaround, but this entails a Volcan death grip that is not very ergonomic. Other info that may be relevant: I had to type in the server address manually on the client machine, since the auto detect feature didn't work. The machines are connected to the same router. Every time I start the Synergy GUI on the host, I get an error: Failed to get local IP address. In the "Log" window, I get a warning every 10 seconds: "cannot listen for clients: cannot bind address: Address already in use"
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