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Focus won't return to server Screen

James Holthaus

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James Holthaus
I have a Windows 8.1 as server and Linux Mint as client running with synergy 1.7.6. The connect great, the mouse moves to my Linux Mint client and works great, but I can't move the mouse back to the server. When I move the mouse back it jumps to the lower right of the screen of the client, but doesn't move to the server. The server Log is showing focus leaving the screen, but then shows it re-entering almost immediately. [2016-04-01T10:34:29] INFO: switch from "holjam-ThinkCentre-M93p" to "WINLMP05VWWE" at 3454,1079 [2016-04-01T10:34:29] INFO: entering screen [2016-04-01T10:34:29] INFO: switch from "WINLMP05VWWE" to "holjam-ThinkCentre-M93p" at 0,1199 [2016-04-01T10:34:29] INFO: leaving screen [2016-04-01T10:34:31] INFO: switch from "holjam-ThinkCentre-M93p" to "WINLMP05VWWE" at 1035,365 [2016-04-01T10:34:31] INFO: entering screen I've followed some of the links for the bug with Compatibility and Disabling the display scaling on high DPI settings and this had zero effect. The only way to get back to server focus is to turn off synergy on the client machine or assign a hot key that returns focus to the server machine. Does anyone have any ideas I can try?
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