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Jaymes Wilks

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Jaymes Wilks
Please help. I have a rare music application, Seer Systems Reality for windows 98 only that I must control along side a modern computer running OS X. The newest version of synergy I could find that runs on Windows 98 is 1.3.1. Unfortuntately I cannot find a 1.3.x-era OS X version to go with it. 1.4.x breaks backwards compatibility. I tried to install a 1.4.x-era version of synergy on Windows 98 but it crashes due to Kernel32.dll not having the setFilePointerEX symbol available in the DLL. Can you please make 1.3.x versions available for download? I need them. I was lucky enough to find the windows version of 1.3.1 available on a shareware site, but the only mac version I can find is PowerPC only. I am running Yosemite, which only supports Intel.
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