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Synergy 1.8.0 and Windows 10

Richard Tracy

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Richard Tracy
Does synergy officially support Windows 10? I'm running a beta build now (1.8.0-beta-4ff3cdd) because I thought maybe it would help. Here are my issues: I can't drag pinned items from the start menu. I am able to resize, pin, unpin but the drag and drop does not work most of the time. The wierd thing it it works whenever the synergy window is open. but the miniute I close the window, I am unable to move items around. I am still able to go to other screens though. Another issue is, the system hosting as a server goes to sleep after its idle which is what I want it to do, but when it wakes back up, synergy can't start stating file in use: [code] ERROR: failed to init synwinhk.dll, another program may be using it INFO: restarting your computer may solve this error FATAL: failed to start server: unable to open screen ERROR: failed to launch, error: process immediately stopped[/code] But I wrote a batch file to restart the service and it works after.
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