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Hungarian layout problems on Mac

Richard Lengyel

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Richard Lengyel
Hi I use Synergy on 3 computers. The server is Windows10, and the two clients are a Debian with KDE and a Mac with OS X 10.11 I use (or would like to use) hungarian keyboard layout on all of them. Everything works flawless on the Windows and Linux machines, but on the Mac it's really weird... So the hungarian layout is a QWERTZ one, but using the hungarian, it swaps the Z and the Y. If I switch to US English layout, it produces Z-s, if I press the button right to T, even if it's a standard english layout (this is what should happen with the hungarian layout) - so this is completely works opposite. The other problem are with the accented letters. We use É, Á, Ő, etc, but Synergy gives me EE, AA, OE, and so on instead of them. With the Mac's own keyboard everything works fine. The layouts, accented characters, everything, so I suspect it's something with Synergy. Thanks in advance for the help
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