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Difficult screen layout fools synergy.

david collier

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david collier
I have 3 monitors on my slave. The left hand one is portrait, the other two landscape. The top of the portrait screen "pokes above" the top of the landscape ones. I have a further set of 3 monitors, all in portrait, 'above' these 3 on the server. ---------------------- Observations: I can only get from the lower set of 3 screens to the upper 3 through the "top" of the portrait monitor - if I try to go through the top of the 2 landscape monitors, nothing happens.. All transitions "down" from the slave monitors to the server ones arrive in the lower screens "somewhere on the left" -------------------- Suggestion: the anchor point for transitions from a multi-screen to a multi-screen, should probably be the "middle" of the "middle" monitor - it sort of feels at present like things are based on the left of the left-most one, which isn't as good, for me. -------------------- That it all works at all is a miracle, so I'm not complaining too hard. I could drop my portrait monitor if I had too so the tops of all 3 lined up,even Linux/gnome on the original computer fails to get it right a lot of the time.
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