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Fixing the dreaded mingwm10.dll error

John Botha

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I'm separately mailing Nick about this, but until they get it fixed, here is how I got it working. [list=1] [*]If you don't have it, download & install 7z from 7-zip.org[/*:m] [*]Open the Synergy msi with 7z. Note: [b]Open[/b], not extract or anything else.[/*:m] [*]Open a file browser to C:\Program Files\Synergy[/*:m] [*]Drag & drop the following files from the 7z window to the Synergy folder: [list] [*]libgcc_s_dw2_1.dll [/*:m][*]mingwm10.dll [/*:m][*]QtCore4.dll [/*:m][*]QtGui4.dll [/*:m][*]QtNetwork4.dll[/*:m][/list:u][/*:m] [*]In C:\Program Files\Synergy, rename "libgcc_s_dw2_1.dll" so that "2_1" becomes "2-1" (the underscore must be a dash).[/*:m][/list:o] Done!
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