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Brief pauses while logging into Windows

Shard Vicens

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Hello, I've been using Synergy for YEARS. I love it, and have gotten a few coworkers and clients to start using it. Not looking for props, just excited about loving Synergy :D [img]http://i64.tinypic.com/2ywb8uw.jpg[/img] I have 2 Windows 10 computers, and when logging into the second one, it kicks my cursor off and forces me to wait a few seconds before I can get back into the screen. This happens once to wake it up, again when I flip up the lock screen, and then when I enter in my PIN. It's not really THAT long, but I love to multi-task (what Synergy user doesn't?) and usually end up trying to do something else while I'm waiting to get back onto the screen to take the next step. I rarely make it to step 3 before I get sidetracked, or forget what I was doing on my second computer. This is especially frustrating because I want to keep my second computer open to add tasks to Remember The Milk quickly before I forget... Anyone know a fix for this? Thanks!
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