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Keyboard layout problems

Lukas Gradl

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Hi! I have two Debian Jessie Installations with cinnamon-desktop. Both are localized to german, german ui, german keyboard (pc105, de). Both have Synergy 1.7.5 installed, both installations are set to language "german" in Settings. But there's obviously a problem with the keyboard layout. Directly after the start of synergy (by system-start or by manually starting it) i get wrong characters on the client. It looks like the client uses a US-Keyboard-layout instead of the german one. So y/z are mixed, the Umlauts (äöü) don't work at all. If I go to synergy-settings on the client and press apply most of the time the problem is fixed, sometimes I've to press apply a second time. How to set up synergy so it works from start? regards Lukas
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