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6 problems with Synergy

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Eugene Fedorov
Hi, I’ve bought ur software and should say it much better then share mouse by 50$ (year license). Mouse run much more smooth and perfect position then share mouse. But I have few questions about configuration, I use synergy for windows 7 ( as server) and Mac book (as client), my key board and mouse connected to both windows Pc and Mac book via KVM. By default I use it for windows, games web searching etc, but for developing i use it for mac and switch in KVM K&M to mac book straight connect. And now i can’t use synergy, bc it thinks that windows is server and mac is client. Same if I just use trackpad and Mac book’s keyboard, it don’t want work in reversed way. 1 So how to make it work in both way? Double server? Double clients? Make some hot key to change server on client and client on server on pc and macBook? 2 Also, I cant bind my mouse's back and forward buttons, synergy thinks that this both buttons is one and name it like "mouse button(4)" but it 2 diff buttons. (This buttons navigate browser in history forward and back. http://c2n.me/3trIZyR.jpg 3 Also I cant understand how work this bind's configuration system, seems it is not so smart. I want bind my mouse button, only when I use it on mac via synergy. Now it works like when i click binded button, if I on windows screen it send command to mac Book. Why? It should trigger event only if my mouse our from windows and is on mac Book. Or how to right configure it? 4 My key board have symbol "?" on "." key (it right after symbol ">", so on normal PC when I use Shift + "." it print "?" but on MacBook via synergy it print "<". Wired. Key rebind not help in this case bc I also use russian key board, and on russian key board it should print "." with shift "," but it print diff letters. So how to change in synergy keyboard type? Like when we set up on Mac key board it ask ask which key board do u use. Seems we need same for synergy. 5 How to bind hot key combination "win + d" in synergy on windows PC? 6 And last one how to minimize it on windows in tray? How to remove synergy icon in tasks panel? http://c2n.me/3trIZyR.jpg p.s. Why sometimes my clip board lagging and doesnt send data from windows to mac book buffer? It doesnt work honestly any away now... I dont know what happens. It is normal? http://c2n.me/3tsEf4L.jpg
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