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Unable to connect after upgrade, no GUI, can't get local IP

Duff Gold

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Was receiving a message that Synergy could not obtain my local IP address.... Configuration issue. 1.4 to 1.7.5 upgrade on Centos 6.7 with various clients. [b]Performed the last upgrade with similar results, a non-functioning install. Ahem.[/b] Found the logs by 'ps -eaf | grep synergy' (same info if you start synergy on the command line), on this install it's in /tmp Found the config file in ~/.config/Synergy/Synergy.conf [list] Removed [*]autoconnect [/*:m][*]autostart [/*:m][/list:u] [list] Changed : [*]autohide=false [/*:m][*]interface={ipaddress} [/*:m][*]cryptoEnabled=false[/*:m][/list:u] [list] Actions: [*]interface stopped the message about the local IP [/*:m][*]autohide allowed the gui [/*:m][*]autoconnect... not sure [/*:m][*]autostart stopped the server from restarting as I was researching this [/*:m][*]cryptoEnabled allowed the previously configured Windows client to connect[/*:m][/list:u]
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