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Best config ? Windows 10 (server) => Macbook (client)

Axel Briche

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Hello, I have : - Windows 10 (server) - Macbook air (client) - SteelSeries 6GV2 Keyboard [b](AZERTY)[/b] : http://www.amazon.fr/SteelSeries-6GV2-C ... eries+6Gv2 I'd like know what is the best settings for my config please. [b]Maj[/b], [b]Ctrl[/b] and [b]Alt [/b]working on my mac, but not [b]Window [/b]and [b]Alt Gr[/b] keys. And I have an another problem, on the right of my keyboard, the pad number dot "." display a comma "," on my mac. Thanks for your help. Axel. (ps: sorry if my english is bad, I am French).
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