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Mouse Click Stop Working

David Pearl

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If I leave the mouse alone too long on the client I can still move it but left and right click stop working. Mouse wheel works. All movement works. No clicks. As soon as you move back to the server and click once you can go back to the client and clicks work again. DEBUG1 on the server UI does not see the mouse clicks occur when this happens. When clicks are working they show up under DEBUG1. You can see mouse movement under DEBUG2, but no click events. I have had this occur with the keyboard as well, but far less often. In this case I can move the mouse and click works fine, but keyboard events fail to do anything. Again as soon as you move the mouse back to the server and click once the keyboard starts working again when you move back to the client. All firewalls disabled on server and client. Occurs with and without SSL enabled. Even when everything else is working copy/paste between client/server works less than 30% of the time and I have never found a reason for this. USB sleep functions are disabled on the server.
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