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Hammer across each screen ?

Pat Marchetti

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Pat Marchetti
I wish to express an issue. I've used Synergy now as a paid member for some time a couple of years.. I've always had this issue, however, since the update it's become a little better I operate 3 laptops All Toshiba's I have screens attached to each unit as I trade the share market. Synergy was a god send as I only had to use one of each to operate (keyboard ^ mouse) These days, there are times on start up, synergy will not work. I can not change to other screens/computers I have to start Synergy on all units and wait, hope and pray. If..... and only if..... they end up connecting I then can change screens/computers. However this can only happen if I ... sought of hammer the side of the screen with my mouse pointer a few times for it to change. Like smashing through some screen each time ??... Also, if installing or upgrading or what ever ...... shows up a pop up window to agree to install and make changes or what ever, I have to hammer the screen with the mouse pointer several times before it goes across. Why can't it just be a SMOOTH CHANGING transistion from one screen/computer to another ????? PLEASE HELP !!!!!! What am I/ have I done or doing wrong ????
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