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1.7.5 Screen Focus Hangs During Screen Saver

Dave Kjar

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I'm on Win 8.1 server, Kubuntu 14.04 client. I noticed a new problem when I upgraded to 1.7.5: When the Windows 8 screen saver triggers, if the cursor is on the client screen, then I cannot bring the cursor or keyboard focus back to the Windows screen to type in my password. I found I have to dig up the client keyboard, bring up synergy, turn it off, and then log through my password on the Windows box. Once I do that, if I reconnect the systems, things are normal again. It used to work on 1.7.4-stable, i.e. I could move the mouse over and Windows's screen saver would let me type. It seems to only happen when the screen saver actually times out and launches, not when I type WindowsKey-L. I've tried toggling screenSaverSync in my configuration, just in case it had something to do with this, but it has no effect. It's not a crash, but it's way inconvenient to have to do this every time the screen times out.
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