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Never see mouse of activity on client


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Hi there, I just bought the app earlier today, and I have had nothing but issues. I "think" I have it setup properly. I'm starting to wonder if it will not work for my use case... My server is a desktop provided by amazon workspaces (using a zero client**) which is essentially win 2008R2 under the hood. My client is an OS X el capitan machine (local). I can see each one connected, but when I move my mouse over to the OS X machine, the cursor disappears and nothing responds. Is there an issue with running the server on a virtual machine? Did I just waste my money? ** - Zero client, also known as ultrathin client, is a server-based computing model in which the end user's computing device has no local storage. A zero client can be contrasted with a thin client, which retains the operating system and each device's specific configuration settings in flash memory.
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