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bought synergy recently and i have problems


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recently i searched all over internet for best software alternative for KVM hardware to connect more than machine , i found synergy alot of people recommend it , so i paid for pro services and i have some problems, i open ticket but no one respond to me at all, they said that from synergy team will respond within 48h after i open ticket and now it has been week no one respond to my tickets , i don't understand why i paid for pro services that should be include support through tickets but i don't see any respond for my open tickets yet I tried to register to this forums but the confirmation code image wasn't working and by luck i tried today and it's working so i am finally here , and now i don't' know if forums community would help me or not regard my problems So my [b]Problems[/b] is [color=#FF0000][b]1-[/b][/color] i can't drag and drop any file from windows 10 machine (server) to my windows xp machine (client) , i can do copy and paste text in clipboard but drag and drop not working at all . i tried beta version and nightly version all same not working at all , i disabled SSL encryption and still didn't want me to drag and drop files and i don't know where is problem exactly [color=#FF0000][b]2-[/b][/color] when i trying to activate synergy on my client machine it shows me this message [code]An error occurred while trying to sign in. Please contact the help desk, and provide the following details. Code: 1 Error: [2015-12-14T19:50:54] FATAL: An error occurred: Unknown error, code 12057[/code] and of course Help-desk won't respond to my tickets at all [color=#FF0000][b]3-[/b][/color] when i am on my main machine (server) i have two keyboard languages installed on my pc when i go to client machine with different language than English and type any character it shows like this ??????? not showing the language i installed on my server machine and yes .. both machine have same language installed I hope someone here help me with all these problems
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