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Mouse stuck in upper-left corner on client machine

Ryo Carlos Kimball

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Ryo Carlos Kimball
Here's what relevant information I can find/think of. As of the last update (1.7.5), when I move from server to client, the mouse snaps to the top-left corner of the client and doesn't move. Keyboard seems fully responsive; in fact, I can only switch back to the server via keyboard shortcut. I can move the client machine's mouse, and I can even click/scroll from the server (e.g. move client-mouse to put cursor button, use server-mouse to click), but I cannot use the server-mouse to move the cursor on the client's machine. Host machine is Windows 8.1 (64-bit), client machine is Windows 10. I have also tested with an Ubuntu 15.10 client with the same results. Using both the latest release (1.7.5) and beta (1.8.0) versions, with or without SSL. Debug2 log on server says [code] [2015-12-04T08:39:35] DEBUG2: clamp to left of [client-name] [2015-12-04T08:39:35] DEBUG2: clamp to top of [client-name][/code] Nothing that I can tell is useful appears to on client logs.
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