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  1. Hello, I just upgraded to Synergy 3 in hopes they fixed gestures on my second macbook. No luck :( It obviously works well on my main macbook but it would be nice if I could use my trackpad to do a 3-finger swipe up to show all apps on my second mac. Also, the option button on my mac bluetooth keyboard doesn't work either. I have to use the keyboard on my second mac to get it to work.
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  2. Since I was already annoyed, I spent a few minutes searching in Discord to find this is a known issue from at least three days ago that nobody has fixed or documented elsewhere. So, ahhh, Nick -- appreciate the unnecessarily wasted 25 minutes this morning. https://discord.com/channels/672449930345971733/1009455765897101422/1161381904344424459 @Christ -- use your offline license code instead of username & password. That worked for me.
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