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FYI Linux to Windows on 1.13.1 Cant Connect Unknown Reason. Error Code:9

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Tinkering with Synergy 1 Pro 1.13.1(rc) downloaded today, my Kubuntu client (20.04 LTS) quit  connecting to my Windows 10 (20H2) instance also on 1.13.1rc from today.


I created this Linux install about a week ago and had some updates to run.  After doing so, i could no longer get Synergy to connect.  The windows instance (server) was waiting fro clients, and I'd made the appropriate firewall holes with Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security (for the service "synergy" as well as "synergys.exe" and "synergyd.exe" - all ports, all interfaces).

The Kubuntu instance was giving me the following:

[2021-02-22T21:31:52] WARNING: failed to connect to server: unknown error for: [hostname]:24800

eventually, the client quits citing unknown reason. Error code: 9


Turns out you need to add .local on the linux end to connect.



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