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Mouse Cursor appearing at the middle of the screen?


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Hey all, 

Maybe I found a solution, but maybe not the exact same problem though...

I bought Synergy basic this past month, and I was super happy, it was working flawlessly with 2 computers, 3 monitors. I was all joy, even bought a pro one to my daughter (last year of high-school, super multitasking with a laptop and macmini to complete this pandemia-school-year)

But suddenly I started to have this problem:  the mouse "ghost" appearing in the MacOS BigSur server (iMac), and I had what appeared to be a big delay in movement (needed to push the mouse across half mouse pad in the direction of the "jump" from server to client and vice versa (Pop_OS-Ubuntu 21.04 laptop (old 2012 macbook pro) to an iMac with BigSur). Really annoying...

Searching the mighty sea of Google answers, between synergy, barrier and share-mouse forums, I found a collection of answers that solved the problem to me. My Synergy version is 1.14.0-stable-67d824b8

First, I had the dock of MacOS moved to the left side, and to jump computers the mouse crossed the dock, and the ghost pointer appeared. The dock broke the "hide mouse thing". --> solution: moved the dock to bottom and now the mouse keeps hidden when changing computers.

Second, one thing that preceded the "break" in the system was, I took the laptop with me on an errand, so disconnecting from the middle monitor (my setup uses a HDMI switch to jump the middle monitor from laptop to iMac, but usually the middle monitor stays with the iMac - the server). So after I reconnected physically the monitor, the "lag" on the mouse travel (half mousepad) to appear in the other computer screen was consistent with what would be the needed mouse movement to go half screen of the iMac (server), from the ghost mouse in the center of the screen to the edge. --> solution: I just needed to manually disconnect (stop) the synergy client, circle the HDMI switch states, and restart (connect) the client to the server. 


I hope this can help anyone. The ghost pointer in MacOS and the extra mouse travel where terrible.

best regards





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Joko wins.  Crossing the Dock on my Mac was exactly the issue.  No more "mouse siezures" in the middle of the screen on my Mac when I transition to Windows.

Note to developers: don't know if there's anything you can do to make the mouse cursor hide again when the Dock loses focus, but not having the mouse pass over the dock took care of this for me.

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I hate necroing a thread, but if this helps anyone out when googling for this problem, it's a win. I was having this problem and believe I've resolved it with the 1.14.2-stable-c6918b74 version of Synergy.

Windows 10 Pro 21H2 as the server
MacOS 11.6.1 Big Sur as the client

I recently did a full reinstall of my Windows machine and installed the latest version of Synergy. My MacOS client was still running the 1.11 version and this issue presented itself (it had not been seen until yesterday). I upgraded the version on the MacOS client to the latest available (1.14.2-stable) and the issue has not presented itself in over an hour (it used to take under 10min for this to happen). 

TL;DR - make sure your server and client are running the same version

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Potential fix:

This problem start happening on me build 1.14.3 today and for the life of me couldn't figure it out.

On my server I also had the PC connected to my TV and Windows flipped it to extend my display to this rather than mirror.  So naturally synergy has to go from the monitor, across the TV, then to the client PC but I think synergy gets a little confused with this so the mouse would only show up on the client PC at the halfway point.

Once I flipped the display settings in windows to mirror my display synergy works as expected.

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On 8/12/2021 at 1:27 PM, ginz said:

I'm experiencing the same issue as well. mouse cursor appears at the middle of the screen on both windows computers and on linux as well.

I wish I knew this before I purchased.

Are the synergy team addressing this or is this a lost cause?

Still an issue for me.

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