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[1.8.7] Periodical Disconnects Ubuntu and Windows 10

Peter Elmegaard

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Peter Elmegaard

I am running Ubuntu 16.04 with Synergy 1.8.7 as the server and Windows 10 in a VM as the client, also with 1.8.7.


I can connect fine between them. But after about 30 seconds, the client will write the following:

[2017-02-23T19:10:07] NOTE: server is dead
[2017-02-23T19:10:07] INFO: leaving screen
[2017-02-23T19:10:07] WARNING: failed to connect to server: server is not responding
[2017-02-23T19:10:08] NOTE: connecting to '':
[2017-02-23T19:10:23] WARNING: failed to connect to server: Timed out
[2017-02-23T19:10:24] NOTE: connecting to '':
[2017-02-23T19:10:24] NOTE: clipboard sharing is disabled
[2017-02-23T19:10:24] NOTE: connected to server


And the server the following:

[2017-02-23T19:09:59] NOTE: client "Windows10" is dead
[2017-02-23T19:09:59] INFO: jump from "Windows10" to "Elmegaard-PC" at 960,540
[2017-02-23T19:09:59] INFO: entering screen
[2017-02-23T19:10:25] NOTE: accepted client connection
[2017-02-23T19:10:25] NOTE: client "Windows10" has connected


As you can see I am getting disconnected for about 20 seconds and then I am automatically reconnected.

I am not using SSL.

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