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Accented characters after locked screen

Gary Christie

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Gary Christie



I have a computer runnign windows 7 as the server and a laptop running windows 10 as a client. When I lock my screen on the server and leave for about 10 mins then unlock. The client then show accented characters like below.


Í ám nów úsíng thé kéybóárd fróm thé sérvér bút typíng ón thé láptóp scréén. Í cán réctífy thís by qúítíng thé synérgy sérvér ánd stóppíng thé synérgy sérvícé ín wíndóws 7 thén stártíng thé sérvícé ágáín ánd ópéníng thé synérgy sérvícé.


This is very annoying. Anyone have this issue or know how to stop it?


Both server and client are on 1.8.5-stable-a18eba7





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