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How to set up @-symbol in synergy 1.8.5?


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Hey all,


using synergy and patching to newest version I found out that the above mentioned mapping doesn't work (server debian/client windows 7):


138 (000000a5) down <------ ALT LEFT

[2016-11-07T09:08:41] DEBUG1: recv key down id=0x00000040, mask=0x0020, button=0x0018 <---- @-symbol german layout / Q-key

[2016-11-07T09:08:41] DEBUG1: key down translated to id=0x00000040, mask=0x0004

[2016-11-07T09:08:41] DEBUG1: mapKey 0040 (64) with mask 0004, start state: 0004

[2016-11-07T09:08:41] DEBUG1: no mapping for key 0040 <------ ERROR

[2016-11-07T09:08:41] DEBUG1: recv key up id=0x00000040, mask=0x0020, button=0x0018

[2016-11-07T09:08:41] DEBUG1: key up translated to id=0x00000040, mask=0x0004

[2016-11-07T09:08:41] DEBUG1: recv key up id=0x0000ef7e, mask=0x0020, button=0x006c

[2016-11-07T09:08:41] DEBUG1: key up translated to id=0x0000efea, mask=0x0004

[2016-11-07T09:08:41] DEBUG1: new state 0000

[2016-11-07T09:08:41] DEBUG1: keystrokes:

[2016-11-07T09:08:41] DEBUG1: 138 (000000a5) up


Is there any way to manually add the missing key mapping by editing the synergy config?

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I've got the same problem mentioned by fgerdsme and it's complicated to write an email address in the synergy client (Windows 10 - French keyboard) from the server (Ubuntu 16.04 - French keyboard).

The @-symbol in a french keyboard is a combination of the Alt Gr-key and 0-key.

All of the other symbols that is a combination with the Alt Gr-key doesn't work too.

I remember that this problem was resolved before this version 1.8.5 in adding this line in each client section in the configuration file : altgr = alt

It doesn't work anymore.


PS : Sorry for my broken english ! :mrgreen:

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Daniel MArner

I am having the same issue. Linux synergy server, windows synergy client.


All alt+key options don't work when switching to the windows client.


Changing the configuration file to altgr=alt or altgr=shift does not solve the problem. :cry:

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i can use ctrl+alt+q on a german keyboard to write a @ !


In fact, all alt+key combinations work if i use ctrl+alt+key.

Thanks Daniel for this workaround. It works for me too with ctrl+alt+key on a french keyboard and in version 1.8.6.


Another workaround has been found here > viewtopic.php?f=16&t=2080&p=6317&hilit=altgr#p6317

It's works for me too and it's much useful.

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Hello, sorry to reopen this thread, but I have the same problem.

I have synergy 1.8.8 both on my Windows 10 (server) and Ubuntu (32 bit, client), both in French layout (AZERTY).

I have only few AltGr keys working on the client "~[`\]" for the whole line instead of "~#{[|`\^@]}".

The links to the solution are broken and I can't find the linked threads.

Thank you.

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Sorry, I find the cause of this.
On my Ununtu, I have 2 key board selector (don't know why probably add in the upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04).

Now it's work fine.

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