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From free Synergy(1.5.x) to pro Synergy(1.8.x) doesn't work

Thomas Perrotta

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Thomas Perrotta

I was using free synergy for weeks with no problem them updated to pro synergy and it wouldn't work. After over 2 weeks of dealing with the poor support team of Synergy, I found out my problem of why the program didn't seem to connect.


Problem: The Windows client would say "Connection was reset" or if I switched my Mac to be the client, it would say "Time out".


Cause: Updating Synergy. In my case, going from free version of Synergy 1.5.x to pro version of Synergy 1.8.x.



1) Uninstall Synergy on all devices (THIS DOES NOT CLEAN ALL SYNERGY OFF THE COMPUTER)

2) *VERY IMPORTANT* To clean Synergy's preferences/settings/environment variables(WHICH IS ESSENTIAL TO FIX) you must run clean scripts on both devices. The clean scripts will be different for each environment, OS, and 32/64bit. You may need to contact Synergy for the clean scripts. I'll provide the ones I use below but it may be outdated by the time you read this.

3) Restart your computer

4) Reinstall Synergy


It seems that the problem is that the old version of synergy leaves behind data that screws up the new version of synergy, causing problems within the program. Uninstalling Synergy isn't enough. You must run clean scripts.


Windows 7 64-bit clean script(run after uninstalling)(Put in a text file, save as a .bat, then run it):

@echo off
echo Only run this on a 64-bit system!
echo Run as admin!

echo ---Removing registry settings---
reg delete HKCU\SOFTWARE\Synergy /f
reg delete HKLM\SOFTWARE\Synergy /f

echo ---Removing files---
rmdir /S /Q "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Synergy"

echo Click any key to exit...
PAUSE >nul


Mac Sierra 10.12 clean script(run after uninstalling)(In the terminal type the following commands):

rm ~/Library/Preferences/com.http-symless-com.Synergy.plist
rm -rf ~/Library/Synergy/
killall -u $USER cfprefsd
echo finish removing Synergy settings

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