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Mouse pointer doesn't show up on Client/Locks up


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When moving the mouse from Server(Win7 Ultimate) to Client(WinXp Home), The mouse on the client disappears when the server mouse leaves the server screen, and does not show up on the client screen no matter how much I move it around or back and fourth between the two screens(only using one client). If I bring the mouse back to the server or just try moving the native hardware mouse(NHM) on the client, the client mouse does not show up. I shake the NHM for about 3-5 seconds for the mouse to show up on the client machine, sometimes longer(Impatient Action and timing may just be coincidence with software timeouts?). This happens with version(all 32-bit) 1.8.3-stable & 1.8.5-stable. I just installed 1.8.5 and it happened immediately. With 1.8.3 it seemed to happen mostly after the Desktop was locked and logged back into, only some times though. ADD: While creating this post, (not Locking/Logging out) it happened twice more. I'm actively developing IP(UDP/TCP) software on this same LAN and have noticed any network issues.


I previously used version 1.4.15 for at least a year or longer and it was light years more stable. Still had hiccups though, some (similar lock ups, one of the biggest reasons I upgraded(along with TLS)) quite annoying.


Some notes on the most recent context switch failure. I'm not 100% sure these are the actual msgs as I wasn't watching the Logs when it happened, but I believe these msgs are relevant.


Servers clock is ~4 seconds ahead of Client. Msgs placed in verbatim order of time stamps, not accounting for time offset.

CLIENT: 25:26] NOTE: connected to server

SERVER: 25:31] NOTE: client "CLIENT-PC" has connected

CLIENT: 25:39] INFO: entering screen

CLIENT: 25:39] INFO: clipboard updated

SERVER: 25:44] INFO: switch from "SERVER-PC" to "CLIENT-PC" at 1919,388

SERVER: 25:44] INFO: leaving screen

SERVER: 25:45] INFO: switch from "CLIENT-PC" to "SERVER-PC" at 3,606

SERVER: 25:45] INFO: entering screen

SERVER: 25:45] INFO: switch from "SERVER-PC" to "CLIENT-PC" at 1919,632

SERVER: 25:45] INFO: leaving screen

SERVER: 25:48] INFO: switch from "CLIENT-PC" to "SERVER-PC" at 1,539

SERVER: 25:48] INFO: entering screen

CLIENT: 25:48] INFO: clipboard updated

CLIENT: 25:48] INFO: leaving screen

CLIENT: 25:48] INFO: entering screen

CLIENT: 25:48] INFO: leaving screen

SERVER: 25:53] NOTE: client "CLIENT-PC" is dead


Quick Update: After posting this, the Client lockup issue was happening with every attempt to switch to the client. After every attempt(basically same msgs as above) the Client would seemingly timeout the connection and reconnect to the server. Even though it reconnected, when trying to switch to the client, the client mouse would still not show up. When this client lock up happens, if I press 'Stop' in the Synergy control dashboard on the client, then 'Start', it seems to clear out whatever is causing the issue.

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