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1.8.4 Crashes Whenever Server Stopped or Client Disconnects

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Every time I stop Synergy on the server OR a client disconnects, synergy crashes on the server. This causes the server to "freeze". Technically it's not frozen, but any keyboard or mouse input is EXTREMELY delayed. So a single mouse movement may have a 15-20 second delay. All other server processing is fine (CPU, Memory etc). System resources are all fine. It's only the mouse & keyboard actions.


The only option is to end the synergys.exe process.


Server: Windows 7 Ent

Client: Windows 10

Synergy: v1.8.4 using SSL

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Christian Stecher



I have the same problem here, my server is windows 8.1 x64 and the two clients are also 8.1 in x86 and x64 version.

Have you found anything to make it better?


greetings, Christian

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Dmitry Teleganov

I have the same exact problem.

The server is Windows Server 2012 R2 (with all updates as of yesterday).

I tried both OSX 10.12 client and Windows 7 Professional 64-bit client (64-bit Synergy).

Everything is on local network (no routing).

The problem occurs only when I'm using SSL (without SSL it seems to work fine).

Disconnecting either client causes the problem described.


Synergy version is 1.8.4 (64-bit version on both Windows machines).


I have both sides' debug2 log files in case the developers are reading this.


The issue is pretty bad because the server becomes unusable until the synergy is closed, and closing synergy takes long time due to 5-10 seconds latency for every mouse and/or keyboard action.

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Angus Duggan

This is still happening for me with 1.8.5. Synergy is almost unusable because of it.


Server is a Windows 7 laptop. Clients are Windows 7 desktop and MacOS 10.10 mini-Mac desktop. All running 1.8.5 stable.

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