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Issues Launching Synergy for Other Users

Bernardo Martinez

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Bernardo Martinez



I have installed the latest version of Synergy on my Mac (OS 10.10.5) using local admin. All that works fine and dandy with connecting to the client (the mac is the server). However, if I any other user logs in with to the Mac, they cannot launch the Synergy app. Under Applications, the Synergy icon has the greyed out with the Circle and Line accross (you know, the you can't launch icon that looks like the ghostbusters sign :D ).


I have tried to edit the permissions and I made sure that everyone has R/W access so I can't figure out what is going on now. I have called support since I bought the pro version and of course NO ONE is answering the phone. I just get a voicemail and even after me leaving a voicemail, no call has been returned. I even submitted a ticket and haven't had much luck either.


Has anyone ran into this problem?



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