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1.8.4 slows down my system

Aaron McCausland

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Aaron McCausland

Windows 7 32bit running on a 5 to 10 year old Toshiba laptop is the Synergy server.


Even when Synergy is not running, then ever since installing it (version 1.8.4). the computer experiences extremely laggy mouse every few minutes for several seconds.


This negates much of the benefit of using Synergy for my purposes because the reason I got it was so I could run photoshop CS2 on the laptop (one of the last great non-cloud PS apps) without overloading the system with my 2 dozen google chrome tabs, which I am running on my desktop in the same room. I want to be able to handle email on the desktop and photoshop on the laptop and seamlessly move between them.


As it is, I reluctantly uninstalled Synergy to relieve the performance problem, and eagerly await any improvement on the matter. However, in the meantime, I can still do Chrome browser on one monitor and Photoshop on the other computer, I just have to switch keyboard and mouse when I want to move between tasks.


I also set up shared folders one both sides to each other's Desktop so that I can save/transfer/download files between them, since the file drag and drop wasn't working, so I can still do everything I wanted to between the two computers - the only difference is I need two keyboards and two mice, and shared folders on the network.


Is there something I can do to alleviate the 1-frame-per-second performance that occurs every few minutes, in the current version? I wonder if it may be due to a weirdness inherent in old Toshiba laptops or the 32-bitness of the Windows 7 that I have.


I think but am not sure that I have the Synergy version with SSL. If not, then that might be why no file drag and drop.

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