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Facing problem cursor to appear in Windows 10

Karar Mehdi Habib

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Karar Mehdi Habib

I have my client desktop running Windows 10. It was working fine before with windows 7 but after upgrading to windows 10 it seems that the cursor takes longer time to appear on the client desktop when I move the mouse cursor from server desktop to client desktop. Please help me with the issue. Thank you for your kind help and reply.

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I'm having a similar problem sharing the mouse between two Windows 10 PCs.


Here is what I've found...


In Windows Display Settings, if I set both machines to display text at "100%" size (prompt in Display Settings is "Change the size of text, apps, and other items") then the mouse cursor will be visible when I switch to the 2nd machine.


But, if I set them both to 125% (which I greatly prefer, getting old), then the cursor disappears when I move to the mouse to the 2nd machine and it is tough to get the mouse to reappear back on the 1st (server) PC.


I hope I (or Synergy) can figure this out, as it might be a deal breaker for me. Can't handle tiny fonts on all my apps and having no mouse cursor makes this tool useless.

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