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AltGR not working

michael janzen

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michael janzen



first config:

I am using Synergy V1.8.3 Server on a Raspberry Pi and two 1.8.4 client on Windows 7 64 bit machines.

Language and keyboard- layout on all systems the same: German.

The first time all "normal" keys (a-z, 1-9) working fine. Also Z and Y keys are o.k. Only the ALTGR keys (@, |, ~...) did not work.

For example: If I pressed ALTGR+Q, Synergy write "2" on my textfile or word- document (on my keyboard, ALTGR+Q = @).

I try to input the ALT = ALTGR and ALTGR= ALT on synergy config- file, but without success.

After a while the Synergy- system goes crazy: Z and Y keys has changed, no ß- key available. It looks like that the complete keyboard layout changed.


2nd config:

If I use a Synergy server on a Windows 7 64Bit machine instead Raspberry pi (Linux), no problem with AltGR keys on all clients.


For me the Raspi pi Synergy server would be a great solution because the power consumption are very low (in compare to a normal PC that I use only as a Synergy Server).

Any Ideas?

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michael janzen

Hi Guys,


I have read some other threads and find a solution for my German layout problem. Add "altgr = shift" for all screens in your config file.

For me the solution works fine, some very special key I can input by a local virtual keyboard.


section screens:


altgr = shift






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Thats it! I am uninstalling synergy and going with a KVM switch, after trying all possible workarounds for a Server on Win10 and a client on Linux without any luck!
Many keyboard languages use AltGr to enter a | (pipe) like one of the most important chars on linux. And you haven't solved it ?  just WOW!



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Well. I stumbled across this Post becorse I have the same Issue...
Current Setup:
Manjaro Linux (HOST):
  Synergy Version (1.14.3-stable-218fa800)
  KeyboardLayout: German no dead keys

Win10 Pro (Client):
  Synergy Version (1.14.3-stable-218fa800)
  KeyboardLayout: German

With dedicated Keyboard everything works finde.
With Synergy:
 - altgr not Working
 - "`" key not working


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