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Synergy1.8.4 - does not work with extended screens

Dennis Ash

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So very excited to see that 1.8.4 is out since 1.8.2 and Windows conflict and crash all the time.


Excitement short lived ... Synergy 1.8.3 will not work if I plug in my extended screen.


Tell me does anyone actually check these updates before they are released or do they release and figure out what isn't working from all the complaints.


PS I paid for this because 1.5.x worked since that time all I have been is upset because bugs have been added with each new update ...


Come on please release an update that works some time .... PLEASE!!!

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I ran into this on a RHEL6 linux laptop so YMMV


I fought a similar issue and found the solution was that I had to have the second screen up and connected before starting synergy for it to allow me to mouse over that far.

My set up - my hackintosh is running the server, with 2 debian screens to the left, and then my laptop screen to the right. If I connected or powered on my laptop external monitor (so this is that far right screen) with synergy running, I could only mouse over to the edge of the laptop screen.


stopping synergy and restarting the client on the laptop appears to fix the issue and gives me full mouse access all the way across all 5 screens

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