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Bug Using VMs

Brent Borton

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I wasn't quite sure where to post a bug I found, so I thought I would post it in General.


Details of the setup is as follows:


Server: Windows 8 running 1.8.4


Client: OSX 10.12 running 1.8.4

Software: Parallels Virtualization




I am having issues using any type of modifier keys inside of my VMs using Parallels. Shift, Alt, Control, and Command all do not work while inside the VM. I have tested this on multiple vms, varying OSes (Cent OS, Windows, Debian, Kali) and they all seem to yield the same result. Has anyone seen this behavior in other virtualization software with Synergy? Is this a known issue?

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Brian Taniyama

This same exact issues happens to me.


Server: Windows 10 using 64bit 1.8.4


Client: 10.12.1 beta using 1.8.4


Windows and Mac OS VMs affected for me.

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