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Update to 1.8.4

John Camp

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I have 8 machines running synergy across 14 screens. I usually don't update (because it has been working great), but I decided to in order to help with copy and paste issues I started having with OSX Sierra.


Anyways - Every machine is doing GREAT - except my Ubuntu machine. It has 2 portrait monitors. The mouse skips over the second monitor and gets stuck on the edge. It did this previously, but changing the tick box for DPI for all users on the Windows 8 Server machine solved the issue. The tick box is still active but the Ubuntu machine is now suffering after the update to 1.8.4. Any ideas?

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Ok - everything works when I turn the monitors to landscape in the system settings. Is there a setting I can type in to give the exact resolution of the monitors on that machine? Or to let synergy know that the machines are in portrait?

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