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Looking for Config File

Mimi Kantor

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After using this successfully most of last week and finding the set-up to be super easy, I disconnected my keyboard to charge it. I thought that all I would have to do is turn everything back on just as I it was and it would all connect again. I found that my keyboard could pair to it original computer (the server) and the mouse could but it was not connecting to the other computer. I opened Synergy to see if there was something wrong or to reconnect. The interactive connect didn't work, so I idecided to browse for the config file. Now, it's stuck in this endless loop of looking for the config file even if I say "no" don't look for it. I have reinstalled the latest version from the website and am still getting the same message. The dialogue box doesn't go away for long enough for me to copy the log file to post. Screenshot attached with be the best I could do.


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