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Switch + hit shortcut

Mate Visky

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I would like to use synergy to switch between computers + monitors as well.

I have a dell monitor, and I can initiate an input switch with a single command using dmm. Now the issue is the following. I am not able to switch keyboard in one step, because, if I put the shortcut shortcut key to something, thensynergy will not register the same shortcut

Also I am not able to ask synergy to run a shortcut, or a vbs script, after a certen shortcut has been pushed...


So the workarounds for me to switch screen in 2 step (first switch the computer, than ask the monitor to switch input)

Or using 3rd party tool to hit the shortcuts for me


Or maybe, is there any hack, in the synergy configuration file, to run script, or hit shortcut, or what so ever, what makes life easier....?


Thx thx...



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