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Wrong characters in different layout

Nikita Belenkiy

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Nikita Belenkiy


Im running synergy on 2 macs.

Server is on el capitan and client - sierra

I'm using 2 layouts Russian- PC and English-US on both macs

When layout is the same it works correctly,

but if change layout on client to Russian and servers is still english then some of characters on client appear correctly and others are still latin.


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Artamonov Anton

I have the same issue. Server: windows 10 synergy 1.8.4, Client: MacOS Sierra synergy 1.8.4.

Issued versions: 1.8.3, 1.8.4. Last version without issue: 1.8.2

The problem is when I want to type in Russian but my keyboard layout on server is ENG. If I switch it to RUS everything seams to work fine.

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Can confirm, having the same issue (win 10 server and a Mac client). Temporary workaround for me is move my mouse to a server machine, switch the layout there, then return to the client. 

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