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Having issue with Windows 10 and 3 monitors

Jose Saynes

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I have 3 monitors, 2 connected to a dock station for a windows 10 machine. For this machine one is a 19 inches and the other 24 inches monitors. This windows 10 machine is the Synergy server. Then I have another machine with windows 7 and Synergy as client with a 19 inches monitor. I had everything running fine with Windows 7 as Synergy server, so I had to re-image my machine.


Now the problem is that everything seems to be okay, I configured the windows 10 machine without being docked so I had only the laptop monitor (1 monitor) and the client (windows 7) and I could see Synergy working fine. Then I docked the computer (Windows 10) and I can se both monitors but when I move on the 24 inches monitor (Windows 10) to the 19 inches on the Windows 7 (Synergy client) it seems that Synergy thinks the other 19 inches monitor is like the 24 inches and ends at the middle of the 24 monitor. So the mouse pointer disappears at the middle of the 24 inches monitor and never reaches the synergy client machine. Even trying to go back to the other side (server side) it takes too long to get enabled.


Either with the Windows 10 monitor extended feature is messing up Synergy or synergy is having a bug when there are 2 different size monitors in Windows 10.


Any help is appreciated.

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I got it.


When windows 10 has enabled "show taskbar on all displays" on it messes up Synergy. Just remove that crap (right-click on the taskbar/properties) and that's it.

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Nicolas Pascual

Did you found a proper solution?

I've tried turning off the multi-taskbar windows 10 feature but didn't work.

If I try to move the mouse cursor from server to client the cursor comes back to server.


My current setup is:


Monitor #1: 1920x1080. Working as left side of a synergy server 3-monitor setup. Windows 10 and also as one-screen setup for a linux workstation running debian os. (I switch between using the input button of my monitor. (DVI and VGA)).

Monitor #2: 3840x2160. Working as a main or primary display of the synergy server. Windows 10.

Monitor #3: 1920x1080. Working as right side of a synergy server 3-monitor setup. Windows 10.


My old setup was similar but using another 1920x1080 in the middle. with the arrival of the 4k screen synergy stop working.

If I put a 1920x1080 resolution into the center screen instead of 4K synergy seems to work fine. At least my mouse cursor moves through client and server.


I'm using the current last version of Synergy 1.8.5.

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