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Mouse accuracy issues on client?

Andrew Cao

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Hi All,


Just got synergy, I love the concept. unfortunately, i am having issues with the accuracy of the mouse of my client. It is very hard to get accurate movements with my mouse.

The movements sometimes get stuck in horizontal or vertical only movements when trying to make small movements.


System details:

Server using 5ghz WLAN AC @ ~800Mbs

Logitech Mouse set at 3200DPI


Laptop using 2.4ghz WLAN @ ~117 Mbs




Anyone else having this kind of issues and possible solutions? Ping times between the 2 systems average around 11ms when checking with ping over a long period of time during usage.


Thanks in advance,


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After doing some tweaks, there were 2 factors,

#1. Wireless was lagging, due to streaming & downloads bogging down the network.

#2. Gaming mouse is capable of running at up to 1000hz polling rate, was at 500, dropping it to 250hz dramatically increased usability over wifi.


Hope these tweaks help someone in the future.

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