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How to use Synergy between local LAN and VPN connected PCs

Jean-Pierre Masse

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For anyone that is using ExpressVPN, i talked to their customer service and we found that changing the protocol to IKEv2 works with Synergy.

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On 11/23/2016 at 1:37 AM, Jonathan Sparks said:

It takes a little work, but it is possible to use Synergy over VPN without split-tunneling. Here is what I did.


1) Register yourself a free (or paid if you don't want 30-day nags) dynamic DNS address (DDNS) from a place like dynDNS or no-ip

2) Register for the Pro version of Synergy to get that sweet, sweet SSL security. You're going to be opening some pin holes, so best to keep the connection secure while in transit

3) Select a non-default port for Synergy to use - again security precaution


From you home network router:

4) Create a DHCP reservation or assign a static IP for your server system

5) Create a port forwarding rule on the router that will forward all traffic destined for the port you determined in step 3 to the IP to determined in step 4 (source should be any IP, any port)


From Server system

6) Install Synergy if you haven't already done so, select server, and register your Pro key from step 2

7) On the Settings menu, enter the port number to determined in step 3, check the "Use SSL Security" box and click OK

8) Click Configure Server and then add your client screens as you normally would


From home router or server system

9a) If router supports automatic dynamic DNS updates, configure your router to update the address you registered in step 1 so your home external IP is tied to your DDNS address


9b) Install the DNS update client from the service used in step 1 so your home external IP is tied to your DDNS address


From your client system(s)

10) Install Synergy and select Client

11) For "Server IP," enter the DDNS address you created in step 1 (don't use auto config)

12) Make sure to set the same port number from step 3 in the Settings screen

13) Watch the magic happen


I think that about covers it...

I am unable to complete steps 10 and 11... I see no "Client" section in my Synergy Application, and no place to enter a Server IP. Perhaps it is exclusive to older versions of Synergy? Can anybody help?

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