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Mouse issue Windows 7 Server/Ubuntu client

Jerod Haskins

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Mouse begins to act "laggy" until the client's mouse is moved around a bit, then it returns to normal.


Could this be because the client mouse, which is also wireless might be going into a sleep mode, interfering with the server mouse requests to the system?


This issue was much worse till I upgraded the client. The mouse was laggy and the keyboard would send repeated commands. This was especially frustrating one day when I did a bunch of formatting and then the Ctrl+Z to undo was being sent. I haven't seen any of this behavior today although as recent as yesterday it had been quite problematic. I don't know if it was the update or the reboot that cleared it up. I'll update this post if it starts getting worse again over time.


I've used Synergy quite a bit over the last few years and love it. incidentally, my setup at home is Win 10 server/Ubuntu client and it has no such problems. The hardware is roughly the same with the exception that I don't run a mouse at all off the client. That's another reason I think it has to do with the wireless mouse. If I can get another mouse, I'll do some testing. Just thought I'd open the discussion in case it sparks anyone else who may already know more about this.

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