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Win10 Pro server - Win7 client mouse gets stuck


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I am running synergy server 1.8.3 on a Windows 10 Pro with a Pluggable USB 3.0 docking station that provides an additional monitor capability. The monitor which is connected through this dock is the one adjacent to the screen on the synergy client computer running windows 7 Home. I have never been able to get Synergy to properly handle moving control between the two PC's by detecting the edge of this screen from the docking station, however I have just configured it to use the other side of my desktop which is the left edge of my laptop display and it seemed to work fine.


Recently however (even had this problem on 1.8.2), Synergy has become completely broken. Whenever the mouse pointer transitions from the server screen to the client, it moves to the bottom-right of the client PC desktop and gets stuck there (this spot is the button to toggle minimize all windows and show the desktop/restore windows). I can click the mouse and cause the client PC windows to minimize/restore, but I cannot move the mouse anywhere, including back to the synergy server PC. Luckily both PC's have a touch screen and I can hit the windows key and launch the synergy client on one of them and kill the connection, giving me back control of my mouse.


Does anyone have any guesses as to why moving the mouse to the client results in the pointer going to this spot on the screen and getting stuck there?

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