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OS X: Keyboard focus sticks in HTML Password Field

Michael Reznick

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Michael Reznick

A longtime issue I always hope will get fixed. I do not see it reported in the forum.


When focus is on the Synergy server in an HTML password field and the mouse is moved to the Synergy client, the keyboard focus will remain on the server. So, the mouse is active on Synergy client however when you type the characters are sent to server.


OS X Server 10.10.5 Synergy 1.8.3

OS X Client 10.10.5 Synergy 1.8.3


Detailed steps to reproduce:


  • On Synergy Server browse to: http://www.w3schools.com/html/tryit.asp ... utpassword
  • Click in Username: field in right-hand window
  • On Synergy Client, open TextEdit
  • type 'hello' (works as expected)
  • On Synergy Server click in Password: field
  • On Synergy Client click in TextEdit window
  • type 'world' (fails)


The 'world' characters are sent to the Password field on the server not the TextEdit window on client where expected.


This issue prevents password management tools from being used effectively as the password cannot be copied from the Synergy client and pasted to the Synergy server.



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