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Annoying blockers for over a year.

Guillaume Barlier

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Guillaume Barlier


i purchased Synergy one year and a half ago and unfortunately never got it to work correctly because of two major blockers.

I've been trying again now and then after every few update but to no avails.



  • no proper support for EU keyboard (azerty keyboard here), the the Alt Gr key never works on clients consistently, search over internet bring back that issue for years.
  • long press do not seem to be transferred correctly (network lag ? doubtful on a gigabyte wired network), i use Autodesk Maya in my work and accessing the markup menu or quick menu through the space bare just breaks it, it's not an autodesk issue as far as i'm concerned as it doesn't happen with a plugged in keyboard, so it must be something to do with the signals, behaves like if the client received numerous down/up signals rather than just on down followed by a long press.


Unfortunately i just had to order a stupidly expensive and limited usb sharing switch to be able to switch my mouse and keyboard back and forth between my two stations.



  • server: windows 10, synergy 1.8.3
  • client: osx 10.12, synergy 1.8.3

(i would ideally set the OS X station as the server however since the altGr key does not transfer i reversed it as it does not seem to be an issue on the mac side as both alt keys behave the same, still not solving the long press event issue).

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