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Upgraded to 1.8.3

David Pinedo

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I received an email saying I should upgrade to 1.8.3 (I was previously running 1.7.6). Synergy wasn't broke, but I upgraded anyway.


Now the client cannot connect to the server. They are both Ubuntu 16.04 running Synergy 1.8.3. I get the following errors on the client:


[2016-09-26T09:56:26] INFO: starting client

[2016-09-26T09:56:26] INFO: config file: /tmp/qt_temp.PE4989

[2016-09-26T09:56:26] INFO: log level: INFO

[2016-09-26T09:56:26] NOTE: started client

[2016-09-26T09:56:26] NOTE: connecting to 'ivy':

[2016-09-26T09:56:26] FATAL: An error occurred: Bad file descriptor

[2016-09-26T09:56:26] ERROR: process exited with error code: 1

[2016-09-26T09:56:26] INFO: detected process not running, auto restarting


Also, the /tmp directory is getting lots of files created in it of the name /tmp/qt_temp.*, and they aren't deleted.


Now my Synergy configuration is broken. I shouldn't have upgraded. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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