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How to configure my ansi keyboard to work on my mac

Italo Martins

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I have my Logitech K350 on my server pc (WIN10) and the other computer is my iMac.


I use a lot of accents like this á ü ç å ƒ on my daily basis, but I can`t figure out for the life of me on how to configure my keyboard layout to work on my mac like it does on my pc. I don`t even care about the special buttons, i just need my accents to work.


any input would be amazing!

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Christian Kallias

I would be interested too, I have my Mac as the master, and it's impossible to do @ or backslash on windows, which are daily annoyances and I have to use a second keyboard for that. I'm configured in SF (Swiss French).

I would really like to fix this as it's a really annoying issue.

Has anyone figured out a solution? I don't mind paying 19$ for support if that fixes my issue, but if I do and then I'm told it's not possible, it will piss me right off.


Thanks in advance




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