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RDP running

Larsa Öhman

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When I have a RDP windows maximized on my Synergy server, I´m not able to use the keyboard on my Synergy client. The mouse is working but not the keyboard.


When I minimize the RDP window it works to write at the Synegrgy client again.


Anything that could make this work?


I´m pretty sure this worked with version 1.7.6.



Synergy server: Windows 8.1 Pro

Synergy client: Windows 8.1 Pro

Synergy version 1.8.2



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I am experiencing this same issue. It's pretty frustrating when I begin typing on what I think is my Synergy client but the typing happens within the RDP session.



Synergy Host - v1.8.5-stable-a18eba7

-Windows 10

-3 monitors


Synergy Client - v1.8.5-stable-a18eba7

-Windows 10

-1 monitor



-RDP session running on Synergy Host to an unrelated machine. RDP is set to full screen on 1 monitor.


-Move mouse from the RDP session to the Synergy Client. Mouse cursor appears on the client but keyboard function remains stuck in the RDP session on the Synergy Host.


-Move mouse back to Synergy host, click outside of the RDP session (on one of the 2 remaining monitors) This brings focus outside the RDP Session. If RDP session is utilizing all monitors, I must minimize the RDP session in order to click outside of it on the host.


-Move mouse back to Synergy client, keyboard works fine.

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Has this been addressed?

Here's my setup:

  • [Works]
    • Mac is running Synergy "server"
    • Win 8.1 is Synergy client.
  • [Works]
    • Mac is running Synergy "server"
    • Mac running "Microsoft Remote Desktop Beta v10.1.3 (843)
    • Win 8.1 with no Synergy service running
  • [Does NOT work] 
    • Mac is running Synergy "server"
    • Mac running "Microsoft Remote Desktop Beta v10.1.3 (843)
    • Win 8.1 with Synergy service running

The non-working scenario causes very erratic behavior when trying to use the mouse in "Microsoft Remote Desktop".

The solution is something like having Synergy client idle if an RDP session is launched on the same host as the Synergy server.

Maybe just having a "Connect/Disconnect" option in the Synergy server's window would be sufficient.

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