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Mac client connected but not working

Joshua Snavely

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Joshua Snavely



I just purchased and am using the following configuration:


Server: Windows SP4 i5 running windows 10 connected to an external monitor connected via surface dock.

Client: mid-2009 MBP running OSX 10.11


The server and client both show connected with no errors, however the cursor on the client disappears when connected and my mouse does not leave my server to go to the client. I can manually take control of the cursor on the client's trackpad but the server's keyboard is also not functional on the client.


I have the server configured to reflect the true position of the client, server and external monitor. Please advise if I am missing something.


EDIT: So I have switched the server and client (server MBP and client SP4). It now works, however this configuration isn't convenient for me, and has an extremely excessive lag on the new client (SP4). This level of operability doesn't work for me. I will be requesting a refund if this can't be resolved in the near future. Anyone have any ideas?

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