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Connected but cant' share mouse/kb

Greg Berlin

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So I've managed to get Synergy on 2 machines talking to each other...


2016-08-30T12:35:29] NOTE: accepted client connection

[2016-08-30T12:35:29] NOTE: client "GREGSURFACE" has connected


But I can't seem to get the mouse moving from one machine to the other. I've setup the orientation of the client in the "Configure Server" section.


Any ideas how i can troubleshoot this, or if there's a step I've missed or something?


Thanks heaps


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nic simmonds

hi Guys


I am experiencing something similar, I have got my server (OS10) connecting to a client desktop (also OS10) but when I move from the server screen to the client desktop the mouse ends up in the top left corner. At this point I can’t move the mouse or return to the server without turning off the synergy app on the client desktop.


If anyone could point me in the right direction, I would be most grateful as I have four computers, (one Mac) to link together.


Many thanks

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Joshua Snavely

I had the same issue and reset the client and server connections. The mouse no longer was stuck in the corner but I still cannot use the mouse or keyboard on the client despite both sides showing connected.


Server: Surface Pro 4 Windows 10 64bit with external monitor connected via surface dock.

Client: mid-2009 MBP running OSX 10.11

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Rasmus Gullberg

Same here


I've got a Surface PRO with dock station and 2 screens as Server. My other laptop (the client) gets connected but I cant switch to it's screen. All setup done in configuration.

(Synergy user for many years)

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