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Suddenly keyboard is not shared at client computer

Herbert Lim

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I have been using Synergy well for the last several months.

I use iMac as a server, and a Hackintosh as a client. That is, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse of iMac is shared across iMac and Hackintosh.

Both computers run same OS, MacOS 10.11.


A week ago, I was not able to use keyboard when mouse pointer is at Hackintosh.

Keyboard still remains at iMac.

Mouse works very well.


I tried to upgrade my Synergy to latest version 1.8.2. However, same happens still. I have no idea what to do now.

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I am having the issue BT keyboard on server is not being shared to client when mouse curser is focused on the client. Running latest 10.11.6 with latest security patches.


Synergy version 1.8.2 Pro

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I have the same issue between 2 Mac book pros both running ElCapitan. I'm running Synergy 1.8.2 Stable 36cd521.

It work perfectly for the last 30 days or so. Only the KB stopped working, the mouse works perfectly.


Updated to pro, and..... TADA !!!!!!!!! keyboard works again thanks to the additional $19.


Thank for the engineered bug!!!!!!

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